Burn fat, build a fit, muscular body and gain relentless self-confidence that will change the course of your life
Proven nutrition and training programs for insane 30 days transformation
More than 7,000 bodys transformed
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Pull left
-3 kg
-9 kg
-5 kg
-8 kg
-7.3 kg
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In just 4 weeks you:
Will get rid of record amounts of fat and achieve your goal – a lean body with defined muscles or you will get closer to this goal than ever.
You will learn the main laws and secrets of losing weight, which will allow you to turn your body into a fat burning machine in a snap of fingers.
Once and for all, you will understand the diet for fat-burning and learn how to create your diet to burn maximum amount of fat.
You will live 30 days in a regimen that will create a new rhythm for your whole life. More energy, new goals and relentless productivity.
You will also gain knowledge, habits and life hacks that will advance your path to overwhelming success
What is NEXT Level Challenge?
• All workouts in an interactive play-and-go video format with voice-guidance

• The workout format is aimed at maximum fat burning.

• You can retain and gain new muscle mass

• No equipment needed. Exercise anywhere, anytime!

• Fitness level? Any.

• Variety of exercises will not let you get bored for a second

• Increasing workload from week to week
A 4- week home workout program
Nutrition tips and life hacks
Lifetime access
• You will get 1800/2200 calorie meal plans for burning fat and maintaining muscle mass. (all diets from simple, available products)

• Let's make a few key changes in your eating habits – and your excess weight will begin to melt in front of your eyes.

• You will learn the main law of burning fat and most importantly, how to apply this knowledge to achieve maximum effect
Start your challenge any time and get from the date of your purchase
Meet your coach
I am Igor Voitenko, the creator of the NEXT Workout Challenge and am hosting it

Over the past 6 years, tens of thousands of people around the world have been able to transform their body and life using my programs.

And today I want to help you do the same! I bet these will be the best 4 weeks of your life. They will divide it into BEFORE and AFTER
It's time to act, it's time to live to the fullest!
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